How long will it take to get my dog harness/lines?

If we have the specified item in stock, it will take the standard 3-5 working days. If it is not in stock, please allow 21 days in order for us to get it made for you and sent off asap. 


How long will it take for my scooter to get delivered?

These will generally be delivered in the standard 3-5 working days. 


Is your equipment only for sled/working dogs?

No! We are great believers that any dog can enjoy these sports as long as they are physically fit and able. We make our equipment so it is safe and simple to use, so suitable for novice and professional alike. 


Why is your dog food better value?

We buy direct from the UK's major manufacturers. Our food does not come via wholesalers or other retailers. We choose the packaging ourselves in a deliberate attempt to keep the cost down. And then we sell direct to the customer.